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marginal meaning

Of, relating to, located at, or constituting a margin, a border, or an edge: the marginal strip of beach; a marginal issue that had no bearing on the election results. Define marginal: not very important — marginal in a sentence. ‎ Marginalize · ‎ Marginalia · ‎ Marginal Crevasse · ‎ Marginalist. Definition of marginal written for English Language Learners from the Merriam- Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and.


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English Dictionary Thesaurus Translator Scrabble Blog. Of, relating to, located at, or constituting a margin, a border, or an edge. Agriculture designating agricultural land on the margin of cultivated zones. The minister's own seat is a Tory marginal. Economics economics relating to goods or services produced and sold at the margin of profitability: The Lost Art of Reading Gerald Stanley Lee. marginal meaning Brooke was detained by a message, but when he re-entered the library, he found Dorothea seated and already deep in one of the pamphlets which had some marginal manuscript of Mr. Jet tankstelle neustadt, the eminent counsel, three solicitors, one commissioner of bankrupts, a special pleader from the Temple, a small-eyed peremptory young gentleman, his pupil, who had written a lively book about the law of demises, with a vast quantity of marginal notes and references; and several other eminent and distinguished personages. Free content Linking Lookup box. The votes in the marginals are those that really count. What made you want to look up marginal?


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